Honey Categories


Honey Bee Tours

Our tour runs approximately 60 -minutes. Our tour guide will educate you on the basics of a beekeeping & what it takes to be a Beekeeper.  He will explain the components of a bee hive, and answer questions such as…. How long do honey bees live for? How far do bees travel to get honey? What are in bee boxes? Do bee sting really hurt? This tour will also go through the steps of Honey processing. 

Rockland Bee Club

Rockland Bee Club is in full swing the first meeting last Sunday was a real success as we learnt how to prepare and what to expect from beekeeping. Stay tuned for next month meeting details and info.

Beekeeping Workshops @ Cropsey Farms

We are proud and exited to announce our new beehive location at Cropsey Community Farm for the 2018 season. We will be giving honeybee workshops as well as selling a special unique "Cropsey" batch of Rockland Honey that the bees take from the forage at the farm.