Honey Bee Tours

Welcome to Rockland Honey & Bee Workshop


Dear Friends and Family,

Honey Bees are fascinating insects. Humans have been enjoying, studying & keeping bees for thousands of Years. Join us to learn more about these fascinating insects.

Honey Bee Workshop – $15 Donation Per Person
Our Workshop runs approximately 60 -minutes and may be held at Cropsey Farms. Our Beekeeper will educate you on the basics of a beekeeping & what it takes to be a Beekeeper.  He will explain the components of a bee hive, and answer questions such as…. How long do honey bees live for? How far do bees travel to get honey? What are in bee boxes? Do bee sting really hurt? This tour will also go through the steps of Honey processing. 
  If you’re brave enough,  you will then put on an actual bee suit, the same suits beekeepers wear, and take a short walk to live bee hives. These hives are bustling with thousands of bees coming and going. Our Beekeeper will then open a hive and show you actual honey and honey combs. You’ll see live bees at work ! Honey sticks will be given out for free at the end of the tour.

Note: There is always a chance of being stung even with bee suits on. If you’re allergic to bee stings DO NOT come on any of our workshops.

Workshop begins on time. Please be at our location 10-15min before your tour . All donations must be made online prior to coming.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when coming to our Workshop.

  1. We have live bee hives on location. Do not get close to our bee hives without proper gear and our beekeeper.
    Honey bees are not aggressive, but will defend their hive if they feel threatened.
  2. We suggest you wear pants and closed shoes (not sandals).
    Our bee suits are jackets and will not cover your legs.
  3. There are No restrooms on premises.
  4. Liability Disclaimer must be signed before attending our workshop, fill it out and hand it to our Beekeeper – DOWNLOAD HERE 
  5. Workshop starts on time, make sure you come 10-15 minutes before it begins.
  6. Not recommended for children under 4 years of age.

If you would like to learn more about the wonders of honey bees, call us at 845-202-2575