Pictures of Event at Evergreen Supermarket, Monsey NY

We had a really fun time meeting tons of people at Evergreen Supermarket in Monsey NY. The event took place at the entrance to the supermarket. People were interested in learning about our local honey bees. Many good questions were asked… Like, why are honey bees dying? are they also dying in Rockland County? How is a queen bee made? Where do honey bees forage? Do bees dye after they sting? and many many more.

We had our local Rockland honey on display as well as other exotic and unique honey, such as chunk, cream, and comb honey.

Our live bee display was a hit. People were able to observe 15,000 live honey bees through our glass bee hive. If you were luck you even able to get a glimpse of her majesty, the queen bee.



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